Francesc Sans

Francesc Sans
Francesc Sans sees life go by with a bagpipe in his hands. With its breath, it grows vibrant melodies that dance, sing, laugh, dream, cry ... And now it's time for the footprint to become a mark.

After a long career spreading notes throughout the country, also in Europe, the United States and Africa, publishes his first record, a reflection of what he is and what he wants to be: a bagpipe of the 21st Century with well-sunken roots but with branches that go from here to there, without complexes. And this is how L’infinit was born, a collection of traditional tunes, own or versions, with the influence of our land and with a Mediterranean color.

L'infinit - Microscopi - 2021


Francesc Sans - cornamusa
Manel Martorell - guitarra, laúd y guitarrón
Josep Mateu - piano y teclados
Titus Prats - percusión
Maria Fort - voz

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