Menaix a truà

Cris Juanico, Juanjo Muñoz and Toni Xuclà after the first three discs and the live one in the Barcelona Auditorium, turn the fifth album titled Guia de Petits Senyals.
Menaix a Truà began as a meeting point of Cris Juanico, singer Ja t'ho diré, Juanjo Muñoz, guitar and voice Gossos and Toni Xuclà, musician and producer best known for all.

What at first was just a temporary project, became a musical phenomenon of the first order in Catalonia.

Years have passed and again we have the result of the combination of three varied sensibilities.

-Menaix a truà - Música Global 2000
-Petits moments d'estricta simpatia
- Música Global 2002
-Com el Vent - Música Global 2008
-10 anys CD+DVD - Músical Global 2009
-Guia de petits senyals - Música Global 2012


Cris Juanico, vocals and bass
Juanjo Muñoz, voice and guitar
Toni Xuclà, voice and guitar


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