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Pi de la Serra
Pi de la Serra
Pi de la Serra
With a career of more than forty years and enjoying the respect of the most important singer songwriters everywhere, we find an artist who has always composed, sung and played whatever he felt like. His songs are life chronicles of the author and the epoch he has lived, and his live performances have not lost any energy, irreverence or genius over the years.
He has played in Spain, France, Portugal, Santo Domingo, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, EUA, England, Germany, Italy, Brasil... He has received the collaboration d'artists as Gilberto Gil, Maria del Mar Bonet, François Rabat, Joan Albert Amargós, Paolo Conte, Lluís Miquel, Joaquin Sabina, Joan Manuel Serrat, Loquillo, Luís Eduardo Aute, Ana Belen, Carme Canela,...

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Vídeo registered in Casa Murada, November 2012

Barcelona 1942.

His career began in 1962 as part of the Catalan movement the 16 Jutges.

In 2007 he has received next awards: Medalla d'Honor del Parlament de Catalunya and the Premi Altaveu

Pi de la Serra (single) - EDIGSA – 1962
L’home del carrer (single) - EDIGSA – 1964
Francesc Pi de la Serra - EDIGSA – 1967
Sóc el millor, sóc poeta (single) - DISCOPHON, S.A – 1969
Triat i garbellat - DISCOPHON, S.A – 1971
Disc-conforme - DISCOPHON, S.A – 1971
Francesc Pi de la Serra (single) - DISCOPHON, S.A – 1971
No és possible el que visc - BASF – 1974
Fills de buda - LE CHANT DU MONDE - 1974
Pi de la Serra a l’Olympia - Divergo / sassetti - 1974/1979
Palau d'esports BCN 27-2-76 - BASF ESPAÑOLA, S.A. - 1976
Pi de la Serra a Madrid - EMI-ODEON S.A. - 1977
Quico-Ma. Mar – ARIOLA - 1979
Piajama de saliva – EDIGSA – 1982
Quico rendeix-te – ARIOLA - 1988
Qui té un amic - ARIOLA EURODISC, S.A - 1989
Francesc Pi de la serra (cd) – PDI - 1993
Amunt i avall (cd) – BETIBÚ - 1995
No pasaran - E.M. HORUS S.A – 1997
Tot -K-INDÚSTRIA - 2007
QuicoLabora - TEMPS RECORD - 2011
Dues tasses - TEMPS RECORD - 2015
T'agrada el blues? - MÚSICA GLOBAL - 2018
Cançons de Combat - TEMPS RECORD - 2020


Pi de la Serra -Voice and guitars
Joan Pau cumellas -Harmonica-

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