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The MD project has stemmed from the need to experience classical music in a modern sound, to restore the idea that what is popular is what inspires us to go further, what you hear everyday, what is closest to us and what causes reactions.
MD thrives on creating disorder and disrupting what is known to be established. This way the viewer is prevented from knowing the specific result of a concert because the sound often changes dramatically.
An extreme declamation of music that comes from the tradition where there is an intense mixture of sadness and oblivion, where rhythmic sequences and passionate forces are present.
The MD Saxophone Quartet is particularly appreciated because they seem to be able to restore a lost link between the audience and the performer. Clearly on an international standard, they manage to rediscover the classical saxophone repertoire from original transcriptions of these classics. Being distinguished by a fluid style and intense obsession for detail, this group offers their listeners brilliant performances in a rigorous, inspiring and seductive atmosphere.


PIAZZOLLA-SALLERAS project is a concert where we play works by Astor Piazzolla and David Salleras. Piazzolla was the most important tango composer, creative and revolutionary, and brought this style of music at its best. David Salleras had always an influence of this composer in his music, and definitely the spanish composer have in Piazzolla a great source of inspiration.

In this concert "PIAZZOLLA-SALLERAS" we want to make a tribute to the composer Astor Piazzolla, arranging his masterpieces and combining them with Salleras works which, as Piazzolla, is inspired of popular music to compose his creations

tango pour une princesse desesperee


Saxophonist and composer David Salleras has become one of the most outstanding classical saxophonists national and international scene. After finishing his studies at the Liceu Conservatory with the Honor Award, he received a grant from the Department of Education to continue his education in Paris. Here he studied alongside the leaders of the saxophone, such as, Jean-Yves Fourmeau and Nicholas Prost, which is where he was awarded top honors. In Paris, he began his role as a composer, focusing on music for saxophone which him to perform his original music everywhere. Many saxophonists and saxophone quartets perform and record his music. In 2013 the Minima Distancia saxophone quartet was founded and have gone on to perform a series of concerts in different European cities where their performances have been very well received by critics.

David Salleras is a Selmer saxophones Artist and plays Vandoren mouthpieces

MD consists of four experienced musicians and international projection. Miquel Valls alto saxophone, Joan Soler baritone saxophone, Tere Gomez tenor saxophone and David Salleras on the soprano saxophone.


David Salleras - tenor sax
Tere Gomez - tenor sax
Miquel Valles - alto sax
Joan Soler - baritone sax