Music Valls Va de Vins

Annual contest that the DO Tarragona, Ajuntament de Valls and the Cooperativa AgrĂ­cola de Valls carry out the month of May to pair wine and music.
2016-2018 editions

Batall produccions we take care of the General Production of the concerts, Technical production and part of the Artistic Contracting
11 May
20.00 h Albert Basora
21:00 h The Slingshots

12 May
13.00 h Murmur
19.00 h Elena Volpini
20.00 h Joan Reig
21.15 h La Soul Machine

13 May
12.00 a 15.00 h Tallers intantils Minipop
12.00 h Lu Rois
13.30 h PD Reig Bord

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