Vitrum -Fira del Vidre Artesà-

VITRUM is the glass artisan festival par excellence in Catalunya.
Every autumn, since 2014, the municipality of Vimbodí and Poblet brings together glassworkers from all over the country that work this material in the traditional way and from different techniques: blowing glass, vitro, glass, enamel, jewelery... They become the protagonists of the artisan market, where you will find craftspeople of various trades, and shows and demonstrations in the open air or Museu i Forn del Vidre de Vimbodí

Space: Les Fonts del Gorg de Vimbodí
Organize: Ajuntament de Vimbodí
Artistic programming and/or Technical Production (years 2014-2017) in the demonstrations with blown glass: Batall produccions
2016 - BINARIUM DUO - Conrad Setó i Roger Conesa
2015 - TXEK -Tarragonako Txalaparta Eskola
2014 - RUTES - Xavier Pié i MACC
Next edition: 29 and 30 September 2018

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