Quico - Maria del Mar

The nights in June 1979 Maria del Mar Bonet and Quico Pi de la Serra joined their voices for two weeks on stage at the Teatre Romea in Barcelona in a show entitled "For the Corpus Romea '. The great success of the recitals, the result of a great artistic complicity and synergy to the scene, encouraged both singers to make a record. The disc QUICO - MARIA DEL MAR (SonyMusic, 1979) and over time has become an essential disc in the history of the song.
Coinciding with the celebration of 50 years of artistic career of Maria del Mar Bonet, both meet again to retrieve that repertoire sharing texts and music anthology of work which will again enjoy these two icons of the song on the same stage .

Coproduction: Comunica Managers and Batall produccions
Photos: Juan MIguel Morales and Jordi Garrigós

-QUICO - MARIA DEL MAR (SonyMusic, 1979)


Maria del Mar Bonet - voice, guitar
Quico Pi de la Serra - voice, guitar
Dani Espasa - musical direction, piano
Amadeu Casas - guitars
Joan Pau Cumellas - harmonic
Jordi Gaspar - bass
Marc Vila - percussions

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